Egg in a Nest

What you’ll Need….

1 egg

1 slice of ham

1 cup of hashbrown potatos

1/4 of an onion

1 tablespoon of chopped parsley

Olive Oil


Here’s How to do It…

You’ll need a non-stick egg pan for this recipe. You have to do this recipe step by step in order so:

1 – Chop or slice onion.

2 – Get pan hot on medium heat with olive oil to cover the bottom.

3 – Brown onion adding a pinch of salt and remove from heat, set to the side.

4 – Put more olive oil in the pan and wait for it to heat up.

5 – Now brown both sides of the piece of ham adding a pinch of salt and set aside.

6 – Add more olive oil and place hash browns in pan once oil is hot and press it down, shaping it in to the best square shape you can adding a pinch of salt. Once the hash browns are browned then place on the plate.

7 – Next layer cooked onions then ham on the hash browns.

8 – Finally add oil to the pan and cook off the egg with a small pinch of salt on top. You can slightly brown it on both sides for a somewhat runny yoke or just do sunny side up.

9 – Now that your dish is assembles sprinkle the parsley over the whole thing and enjoy!

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