Adobo Hamburger Patty With Lentils, Arugula Salad, Topped with a Fried Egg

What you’ll Need….

Makes 4 plates each with a 1/4 patty;
1 lb of ground beef 
1 cup of lentils (dry, green is most flavorful but yellow or red are cool too) 
1 yellow onion 
2 cloves of garlic 
2 cups of Beef Stock 
2 bay leaves     
hand fulls of arugula      
1 tblspn of Adobo Seasoning 
3 tblspn of olive oil 
2 bell peppers 
1 lemon (zested and juiced; separate) 
1 small bunch of cilantro chopped (optional) 
4 eggs 

Here’s How to do It…

First thing to do is to start soaking the lentils, just throw it in to any old container with some water while you are getting everything else prepped. Once that is done youll want to finely chop the garlic and small dice the onions, then set aside. Put the ground beef in to a bowl and add the Adobo seasoning with 1/2 of the cilantro. Form in to patties and set aside. 

Fun Fact: Cilantro is a hate it or love it herb for the most part. There is something in our DNA that makes it taste different to different people. For instance when I eat it I feel like I am eating a sweet lemon but when others eat it they feel like they are munching on hay. So its totally cool if youre not in to it, just leave that out.  

Put a pan on medium low heat and after about a minute add in the garlic. Once you start to see the garlic turn somewhat transparent then add in the onions and cook those until they also start to look a little transparent. If youre garlic starts to turn brown dont fret, if you throw in the onions and stir it around for a while the heat will be absorbed by the onions and you wont burn your garlic. Strain the lentils and add them in to the pan. Stir it around for about a minute so everyone gets introduced to each other and then pour in your beef stock and toss in your bay leaf (keep an eye on that bugga, youll want to fish him out later). Youll want to make sure that stays at a gentle simmer until its done (which is basically a light boil) but make sure it doesnt get a heavy boil, youll have a lot of clean up to do if it does.  

Now that you have the lentils working its time to start cooking up the patties. Put a pan on the stove with medium heat and some olive oil and let it heat up until you start to see some light smoke, nows the time to put the burgers on. Depending on how thick you made your burgers, youre looking at about 3-5 minute cooking times on each side for just a bit of pink in the middle.

This is a good time to slice the bell peppers. If you just cut them to make them flat (cut out those little white parts carefully) then slice em’ up.  

The burgers should be done by now so go ahead and set them aside. Then toss the bell peppers in the same pan as the burgers and cook them until they are golden brown and delicious.  

The arugula salad is fairly simple. You just have to toss it in a bowl with a pinch of salt, some olive oil, and your lemon juice. Its a pretty standard Italian arugula salad topping for steak dishes that we are using here for burgers.  

By this time the lentils should be done and we have the rest of the components ready except the eggs. Its best if you use a non-stick egg pan for these guys and you can cook them while you are plating everything else. So go ahead and crack them on in, if you got some skill you can do them all at once, if you are a little new to this stuff feel free to just cook them one at a time for about 3 minutes on each side.  

Before we plate, go ahead and toss the lemon zest in to the lentils and stir them around, you should start smelling their lemony goodness pretty much immediately.  

Lets start plating the food! First spoon on the lentils (preferably with a slotted or perforated spoon to keep any excess liquid out.) Next put the patty on top, then get a bunch of the arugula salad in your hand and work it in to kind of a ball. Once it sort of looks like a tumbleweed in your hand place it on top of the burger. The eggs should be getting done pretty quick so as they are done place them gently on top of the arugula salad one plate by one plate. Now if you decided you were so totally stoked about cilantro, now is the time to use the rest of it to sprinkle on top of the eggs for garnish. 

And there you have it, an Italian Moroccan Mexican whatever hamburger patty that is hella dank that will make your meal prep meal something to look forward to.

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