The Idea

What is it?
Where did it come from?
And how does it help you?

Let’s Free…

The Wild Man

The Wild Man is the animalistic, fierce, collected, though sometimes dark part within every man. It is the part of us that drives us to be our best and bring the best to the world around us.

The idea comes from a story written by the Grimm Brothers but spoken through oral tradition over thousands of years about the coming of age from boy to man called The Iron John.

The book that best describes this story and the ideas behind it is called The Iron John by Robert Bly. You can get the audio book here or the printed book here. It is definitely worth the read or listen as it completely changed how I think of myself as a man. 

The main takeaway is how we can focus on fundamental things like our nutrition and fitness to achieve this greater mindset that gives us a say in the direction of our lives in a conscience way without obsessive dieting or overclocking our bodies. It takes work, sacrifice, and consistency to delve deep inside ourselves to find him so…

Join me in freeing and focusing
The Wild Man within.

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