Christian Rappa

Who I am and why I created The Wild Man Chef


Where it Started…

Pain is a good motivator

My upbringing was fairly unhealthy and isolated me in a lot of ways. Because of this I did have plenty of time to build a lot of good skills but one I was missing was connecting with others. I went to Vegas to learn how and I had a lot of highs with equal lows to follow. People came and went in my life which led to a depression so deep I became suicidal. 

Before I chose to start this movement, someone I cared for very much decided to leave my life. Instead of escaping like I normally would in the past with alcohol, work, drugs, and sex, I decided to try something different this time. By focusing on building a better person, using the pain to drive me, I have become someone I can be proud to be. I never thought I would ever be able to run 10 miles without stopping and now I have just completed my first marathon, a whopping 26.2 miles! And I am close to getting my first belt in Krav Maga which is something I never imagined I would be able to accomplish.

The most powerful thing for my change was podcasts that guided me and focusing on the foundational nutrition as well as fitness that I had control over. This movement is about giving others the tools to overcome these challenges in healthy ways to show you that there is a way out  of the darkness, that by embracing the pain and using it, you will be able to see a person looking back at you in the mirror that you can be proud of.

I hope my story helps you if you have, or are, dealing with the same difficulties. Don’t give up, do a little bit better than you did yesterday, and you will become someone more than you ever dreamt you could be!

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